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Apex Roofing Solutions, Inc., is a locally owned and operated business serving the Katy, TX area and surrounding communities. Apex Roofing Solutions, Inc., is a full-service roofing company helping protect one of your biggest investments, your home and more importantly, protecting your family from the elements of weather. Quality work, reasonable rates, and friendly customer service. Call us now!

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Important Things You Should Know About a Roof

What Is a Roof?

A roof is an essential part of any structure; it is the uppermost part of a building whose primary objective is to shelter and protect the inhabitants of such a dwelling from weather and other elements. It protects the residents from wind, storm, heavy rain and sunlight. Mother nature and bad weather can ruin your roof that it needs to be maintained and repaired at the first sign of leak or damage.

What Services Does A Professional Roofing Company Provide?

A professional roofing company provides the following services:

  • Roof Inspections

  • Residential Roof Repair

  • Residential Roof Replacement

  • Residential Insurance Claims

  • Commercial Roofing

  • Gutters

  • Siding

Advantages of Hiring Professional Roofing Services

Repairs especially related to your roof must be considered very seriously. Over the past few decades, people have moved on to DIYs a lot. Unfortunately, doing something on your own can sometimes ruin everything instead of fixing it. You may also miss out on the damaged part which a professional roofer can find and figure out how to effectively fix the damage. So, whenever you feel that need to repair or replace your old roof, you always have a choice to contact a local roofing service provider.

The roofing service providers provide different services related to roofing at a very reasonable cost. They are professional in the field and have many years of experience. They also use quality materials to ensure that the repair lasts. Safety comes first. If you are trying to repair your roof, you can leave something in a way that may not just harm your building but also the inhabitants. The professional services can do all the roofing work efficiently and safely.

Roofing Materials and Application

A roofing contractor can be hired for not just installing a new roof or repair the old one of your house, but you can also employ them for commercial buildings as well. During heavy rainfalls, sometimes your roof tends to leak from different parts. The professionals at a roofing company can also fix the leakage issues related to your roof. You can also call them to install a new roof to your garage, playhouse, and outhouse as well. Different types of materials are also being used instead of just wood or metal, such as Architectural Shingles, Metal Shingles, Standing Seam, Clay Tile, Synthetic Slate, Slate Tile, Concrete Tile, Corrugated Metal Panels, Wood Shingles and Shakes, Stone-Coated Steel, EPDM Rubber, Thatched Roof, TPO Roof, PVC Roofing, and Modified Bitumen.

How Does The Professional Roofing Service Make Life Better For The End User?

If your roof needs some repair, you must consider hiring a professional service that has experience and knowledge in the industry. Why? Well, a professional roofer can carry out all the work on its own. The professionals have all the equipment and tools that are required and are expensive which an ordinary person can’t afford to buy. They get all the materials that are going to be used in the repair of your roof, and after all the work is done, they will clean everything out so that you don’t have to do anything.

Local Roof Repair Contractors

APEX Roofing Solutions is a reliable and dependable name in the roofing industry. It is a locally owned business in Katy, TX. They are a local roofing contractor that provides the best service and use quality materials to ensure the safety of your house and more significantly, your family. APEX Roofing Solutions is the best roofing contractor that can repair or replace your roof at a very reasonable cost.

The Benefits Of Using APEX Roofing Over The Competition

You can enjoy a lot of different advantages by using the APEX Roofing solutions. Other roofing contractors in the industry can be hard on your pocketbook. They are expensive and still don’t use quality materials to repair or replace your roof. APEX Roofing Solutions provide all the roofing-related services at a reasonable cost and only use quality materials. They give the clients 24-hour technical support; APEX Roofing Solutions is always available. You can call them anytime you want to discuss something about your roof.

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I am a custom home builder and hired Apex Roofing to install a new construction garage roof as a test run as I am in need of a new roofer. Brian and his team did a very quick but impressive job and left the site cleaner than when they arrived. I will be using them for good now.
Mark R.
I called to get a leak fixed and the guys came to my house the same day for a free estimate. They were able to do the repairs the same day for a very good price compared to what I expected. They finished within an hour and my roof is no longer leaking. 5 star rating from me guys.
Nate B.
Apex Roofing Solutions saved me a ton of money! I had another company originally come out to fix a leak from my roof and they quoted me a price way out of my range. So I called Apex and they were able to come do a free inspection and they quoted me a little over half as much as the other guys! The repairs look great and they were very helpful. Thanks again Apex!
Chris H.

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