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Insurance Claims

Residential Insurance Claims for Roof Damage

Despite the use of quality materials and all the preventative measures taken to ensure that your roof can stand exposure to severe and changing weather and sustain damages from external elements, there are scenarios when even best approaches are not enough. Case in point: extreme weather conditions and natural calamities.

Plenty of times, roofing systems have to sustain heavy water, hail and wind damage. It is for these unexpected occurrences that insurance plays such a vital role in the roofing industry.

The easiest way for you to know what your insurance providers will cover is by contacting them directly. Most insurance policies provide coverage for damages caused by disastrous “acts of God” such as storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. For wind, rain and hail damage, however, insurance companies have to look through different factors before validating the claim and, if qualified, deciding on the reimbursement amount.

In cases like storm damage, for example, the insurance company takes into account the age of your roof, your home’s location, and some other factors in determining the amount and extent of the coverage. Roof under ten years old is likely to be covered in full, while those that are over ten years are may only be reimbursed for their depreciated value. There are also cases where policies cover the repair or section replacement cost. Insurance companies usually send their inspectors to investigate and verify claims.


Leaking Roof Claims

A recurring question when it comes to home insurance is whether or not it covers water damage and roof leaks. Yes, an insurance claim for water damage and leakage are included in a standard homeowners insurance policy given that the homeowners’ negligence does not cause the situation. For example, if the inspector finds out that the water got in through an existing leak in the roof that the owners failed to address, the damages will probably not be covered as most policies exclude “preventable damages.”

Homeowners are encouraged to familiarize and be well informed of the specifics of their policy so that they know where they stand in case such situations take place.


We Are Ready To Help

As a roofing company with years of experience in the business, we are aware of how intimidating and overwhelming the insurance claim process can be for many homeowners. In this regard, we are very much willing to assist and guide our clients through the various steps and phases of the process, from the filing of the claim to compiling and reviewing the paperwork and assessing the accuracy of the reimbursements.

There are also instances where a supplemental coverage is necessary because the insurance adjuster has made a few estimation and compensation mistakes. It may be that some materials were left out or pricing errors occurred. When the need arises, our team at Apex Roofing Solutions Inc. will gladly prepare and create the necessary documentation for the supplement. Our roofing contractors are adept in dealing with the subject and are ready to educate insurance adjusters on the practices and local codes of the business.


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