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Residential Roof Replacement

Your home is one of your most significant assets. Your house is only as strong as the reliability and durability of your roof. The irony is, despite the huge role that the roofing system plays in protecting the people and belongings under it, it is one part of the house that is often overlooked. Considering everything that it is exposed to and the damages it sustains from various external elements, your roof needs to be replaced every so often.


Top Reasons for A Roof Replacement Project

  • Storm and Hail Damages

Extreme weather is the leading cause of emergency home roof replacement.  Two of the most damaging conditions are hail and high winds. Hailstones sometimes come down on roofs with such great force and destructive capabilities, boring holes and breaking shingles on the roof ‘s surface. High winds are just a destructive; shingles are blown away, thus creating empty areas that need to be repaired.

  • Gradual Wear and Tear

While emergency scenarios caused by extreme weather conditions are the most apparent reason for roof replacement, the most common cause is regular wear and tear. After years and years of continuous contact with extreme heat and cold, climate changes, and many other elements, the cumulative damage becomes too high for spot repairs, and roof replacement becomes necessary.

  • Increase in Value

It makes sense to replace a roofing system prior to an impending sale even if it looks like it can still sustain a few more years. New roofing does wonders in increasing the aesthetic and real estate value of a property. Also, revamping your roof heightens your chances of selling your home faster as it does not only make the property look better but financially secure as well.

APEX Roof Restoration

There are instances, however, where roof restoration is the more suitable approach. Instead of stripping down the entire roof, our team “restores” your roofing system into its former glory through cleaning, repairs, and installation of better roofing materials, replacing the old and damaged ones. As a result, your roof achieves a brand new look at a much lesser cost.

Of course, roof restoration is not an appropriate alternative all the time. Roofing contractors have to locate the problem and evaluate the situation before they can determine if this is a possible option.

We, at Apex Roofing Solutions Inc., acknowledge the weight of roofing projects, privacy-wise, convenience-wise and financially. As a local roofing company, we go out of our way in ensuring that the process is done effectively and efficiently in the shortest possible time to avoid prolonging the inconvenience for our clients. We do the job quickly, but we also put a high premium on excellence. Our clients can rely on the fact that quality is not compromised for speed. With our systematic approach to the job, your routine goes back to normal in no time.

Our team of local roofers is more than ready to render our services and expertise to the residents of Katy, Texas and the surrounding areas. Call us anytime for a free roof inspection.

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